Water Mist Fire Extinguishing Systems

Water mist fire extinguishing systems are a versatile and highly efficient fire protection solution with unique nozzles designed to help protect against a wide range of fire risks.

What is Water Mist?

Water mist is called water mist fire extinguishing systems to the system that reduces the temperature by absorbing and evaporating the rising heat in the area where the fire started. It helps to control the fire by helping to reduce the temperature from 850 C to 60C on average.

Particles, which serve in water mist fire extinguishing systems, expand 1750 times and provide the removal of oxygen.

Water Mist Extinguishing Systems Features

  • It is completely environmentally friendly. The system does not harm the environment and the ozone layer.
  • It extinguishes by absorbing the ambient heat and reducing the oxygen level.
  • It can be used as a local extinguishing target.
  • It washes away toxic gases and fumes.
  • Deals minimal damage from water.
  • Prevents reflashing.
  • Requires minimum pipe diameter.

What are the Usage Areas of Water Mist Extinguishing Systems?

  • Flammable and flammable liquid fires
  • Frier machines
  • In industrial kitchens
  • Kitchen hood systems
  • Turbine and generator rooms
  • Escalators
  • Cable and installation galleries
  • Ship engine rooms and living quarters

WaterMist Extinguishing System

The WaterMist extinguishing system is used as water mist extinguishing systems in the international system. If we want to use the WaterMist extinguishing system in the highest quality, we have to give importance to the quality of the water. The nozzles in the WaterMist extinguishing system should not be clogged and work in the most efficient way. Therefore, the quality of the water is given importance. Other details in the WaterMist extinguishing system are the use of stainless steel and the use of corrosion-resistant materials, which are important in the use of water mist extinguishing systems, also known as WaterMist extinguishing systems.