Foam Fire Extinguishing Systems

Foam fire extinguishing systems are one of the systems that are frequently preferred in the industrial field. If we need to briefly describe the foam fire extinguishing systems, it is used to extinguish flammable, liquid chemicals or fuels.

Fire extinguishing foam consists of three components. These are foam concentrate, water and air. When these three ingredients are mixed, they form a foam solution, which is a stable mass of small, air-filled bubbles with a lower density than oil, gasoline or water. This unique combination makes the foam solution very fluid, allowing it to flow easily over liquid surfaces to cover fuel surfaces.

Features of Foam Fire Extinguishing Systems

  • It prevents the contact of oxygen and fuel vapor.
  • It prevents evaporation occurring on the fuel surface.
  • It separates the flame from the fuel surface.
  • It helps to cool the metal surfaces on or around the fuel surface.

Types of Fire for which Foam Extinguishing Systems are Effective

  • Crude oil fires,
  • Jet fuel fires,
  • Gasoline fires,
  • Fuel oil fires,
  • Naphtha fires,
  • Fires in Alcohols, Ethers and Ketones,