About FSS Proje Mühendislik

FSS Proje Mühendislik provides services to its customers with innovative solutions, state-of-the-art systems and products in the entire process, including the electromechanical projecting of fire extinguishing systems, as well as the assembly with and without materials, the commissioning process and periodic controls.

In addition, it carries out project consultancy and manufacturing controls, as well as room integrity tests for the places where gas fire extinguishing system is installed.

Our Basic Principles

As FSS Project Engineering for the design, installation and commissioning of fire protection systems in accordance with national and international standards and customer demands;

To keep up with the developing technology with our team and to offer solutions suitable for today’s requirements by developing in an open to continuous development,

To provide necessary information and engineering solutions to our customers before and after sales,

It is our basic principles for our company to provide the most suitable solutions to our customers by determining the economical and most beneficial solutions in the fastest way.

Our Mission

Determining the risk classes and providing solutions suitable for your projects with a unique approach within the framework of national and international local standards,

To provide services to our customers not only with the build-transfer model, but also in a way that offers a safe life,

At the same time, to determine the benefit and health of the society at the highest standards and to target design and manufacture.

Our Vision

Our professional staff in the field we work in,

The goal of specializing in our project and revealing the best,

Minimizing the risk ratios in our projects with our cooperation with companies with national and international reputation,

Our Services

One of the most valued points of our company’s goals is customer satisfaction.

For this, we will systematically monitor the satisfaction of our customers who receive service from our company and use the results we obtain to improve the services we offer.

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FSS Proje Mühendislik

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